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Home building complaints 

The Home Building Service’s dispute resolution service provides a quick and cost-free way of resolving disputes between consumers, builders and tradespeople.

Complaint statistics for the 2013/14 financial year are provided below. They have been graphed to represent:

  • the cause of the defect at the centre of the complaint
  • the type of defect at the centre of the complaint
  • the industry type, graphed via the class of licensed contractor responsible for the work at the centre of the complaint.

NOTE: The levels of the various complaint categories in these statistics are entirely based on the complainants' initial description. They do not reflect any assessment or substantiation by Fair Trading.

This data is provided to raise consumer awareness of the potential pitfalls of home building; to assist training providers to identify areas of need and to help the home building industry better manage risk.

Complaints by cause

The various causes of complaints are detailed in the document below, which graphically shows that poor workmanship is the major cause of most home building complaints.

View or download Home building complaints by cause as at 31 March 2015 in PDF format (size: 65kb).

Complaints by defect

While most complaints are caused by poor workmanship, poor workmanship can results in many different defects. The document below shows complaints by the variety of defects that have been reported. It also shows that there are three main areas of defect that regularly result in complaints.

View or download Home building complaints by defect as at 31 March 2015 in PDF format (size: 73kb).

Complaints by industry type

The document below shows which industries are more likely to have a complaint made against them.

While over half of all complaints are shown to be made against building contractors, it must be remembered that the scope of work undertaken by a builder is, on average, more complex than work undertaken by other licence classes.

View or download Home building complaints by industry type as at 31 March 2015 in PDF format (size: 98kb).

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