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Review of regulatory burden 

Comments closed on 1 February 2013 

What is this about? 

The NSW Government has sought stakeholder feedback on the proposed repeal of six pieces of legislation within the Fair Trading portfolio.

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What's happened so far? 

To assist stakeholders and interested parties in making a submission, an issues paper was publicly released on 15 November 2012 which outlined legislation that has been identified by the NSW Government as potentially being either superfluous to the ongoing regulation of a fair and efficient marketplace or as no longer being the best means of achieving the public policy goal that the law was originally designed to meet. The six Acts were:

  • Consumer Claims Act 1998
  • Fitness Services (Pre-Paid Fees) Act 2000
  • HomeFund Commissioner Act 1993
  • Landlord and Tenant Act 1899
  • Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act 1948
  • Warehousemen’s Liens Act 1935

The closing date for comments and submissions in response to the issues paper was 1 February 2013.

All comments and submissions are currently being analysed.

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Important documents 

Making NSW Number 1 Again: Reducing Regulatory Burden in PDF format (size: 666kb)

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