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Property services licence check 

The activities of property agents, their salespeople and on-site residential property managers are regulated under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 (‘Act’).

The Act requires that all real estate agents (including a buyer’s agent), stock and station agents, business agents, strata managing agents and on-site residential property managers hold an appropriate licence.

Furthermore, auctions for land or livestock must be carried out by a licensed real estate agent or a stock and station agent who is specifically accredited to do so.

In addition, salespeople and managers who work for agents must hold the relevant licence or certificate of registration.

You should check that the agent, salesperson or manager you wish to deal with holds a current licence or certificate of registration appropriate to the type of work which is being done.

This facility allows you to do a licence or certificate of registration check online. You should always do a check before dealing with an agent, on-site residential property manager, salesperson or registered manager.

The facility is maintained by NSW Fair Trading and is a record of information from 1 September 2003 relating to licences and certificates of registration including:

  • name and business address of the holder
  • the category of the licence or certificate
  • the licence or certificate number
  • date of issue and expiry
  • disciplinary action taken against the licence or certificate holder.

To check the details of a particular agent, salesperson or manager, please proceed to ‘Start licence check’ button below. For further information and assistance, contact NSW Fair Trading on 9619 8799.

Start licence check

This facility only contains information about action which has been taken from 1 September 2003 onwards as this is the day on which the Property Stock and Business Agents Act 2002, the Act under which property agents are regulated, commenced.

Fair Trading’s privacy policy contains important information. It is very important that you read it. You will be taken to have accepted that policy (even if you do not follow that link) if you access any page on the NSW Fair Trading website.

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