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Strata feesĀ 

Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2010 (Schedule 1, Clause 19)

Fee level $

Fees payable to Registrar

[1] Lodgement of application for strata proceedings - standard fee**


[2] Lodgement of application for strata proceedings - corporate fee**


[3] Copy of document (other than transcript)
*$2 per page or $30 whichever is the greater


[4] Copy of recording of evidence or proceedings, per cassette, disc or other medium

at cost

[5] Copy of written transcript of evidence or proceedings, per page

at cost

Fees payable to Director–General – mediation

[6] Application for mediation made to NSW Fair Trading

(a) where the applicant is a full–time student or pensioner

(b) in any other case


**NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal Regulation (Schedule 2, Clause 5)

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