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No interest loan scheme program - NSW NILS services 

Program summary

Developed by the Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service nearly 30 years ago No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) is a community managed microcredit state-wide program providing interest-free loans of up to $1,200 to low income earners for the purchase of essential household or medical goods and services. The most common services are medical or dental services or sometimes loans for motor vehicle repairs where the applicant is in a community without public transport.

The NSW NILS Funding Program also includes the provision of funds for the employment of a full-time NILS state co-ordinator in NSW, and a full-time or job-share worker to operate a NSW NILS 1800 freecall telephone service. This telephone service provides prospective loan applicants and community organisations in New South Wales with affordable access to information on Loan Scheme availability in their area.


The objective of the NILS program is to provide funding contributions for salaries and salary on-costs of employees of community based, non-profit organisations that operate in NSW to provide interest free loans of up to $1,200 to low income earners for the purchase of essential household or medical goods and services.

The objectives of NILS services are to facilitate access to interest free microcredit by low income earners by:

  • providing information on the operations of NILS to its clients and the local community
  • interviewing NILS loans applicants and assessing their eligibility
  • overseeing the loan application process
  • organising the repayment of loans
  • providing support to loan recipients in meeting their repayments to prevent defaults
  • monitoring progress of loan repayments
  • maintaining records of loans including statistical information.

Key dates

Current funding period for the program is 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2017.

How much funding is available?

$2.4 million per annum has been made available for the program.

Current priorities

NSW Fair Trading is committed to consumer protection and social justice and strives to ensure that the community has access to information and consumer help. This includes, in part, funding organisations that provide services to low income and disadvantaged clients throughout NSW.

Program guidelines

Program guidelines in PDF format (size: 316kb)

Currently funded services

Services currently funded under the program in PDF format (size: 200kb).

Want more information?

Contact Community and Industry Grants Branch at or phone 9619 8731.

For information on your nearest NILS provider call: 1800 50 9994.

Get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader so you can access PDF versions of our information.