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Case studiesĀ 

Single topic case studies

The following case studies may help to educate consumers about their rights and responsibilities as consumers in NSW.

Bait advertising
Buying a car and contracts
Buying a used car and damage
Buying a used car and repossession
Buying a used car and warranties
Damaged bridal gown
Electrical scam
Fake advertisement scam
Faulty dishwasher
Faulty mobile phone
Faulty roof repair
Loan scam
Mobile phone contracts
MP3 player
Rental bond
Restaurant deal scam

Collections of case studies

The following are collections of case studies covering a range of consumer related topics.

International students
Case studies on issues relevant to students - shopping, renting and mobile phones.

Our story
Watch video of real life case studies where NSW Fair Trading has helpedĀ consumers and traders in NSW. Available in English, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese.

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