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Recent scams  

Below is a list of recent scam alerts from NSW Fair Trading. Subscribe to our recent scams news feed RSS icon

For a list of scams across Australia go to the SCAMwatch website.



25/03/15 Consumers targeted with bogus tax refunds
02/03/15 Scammers sending fraudulent speeding fines
23/01/15 Bogus bankers dial in on vulnerable consumers
15/01/15 Warning: Tech savvy scammers on the prowl
15/12/14 Warning on scam offer of free computers
30/10/14 Scammers email fraudulent fines
04/07/14 Scam alert: Flight credits and phoney prizes
24/04/14 Scam alert: Scammers claim to be from Federal Government
11/04/14 Warning on Telstra scams
02/03/14 Warning on car sale scam
20/02/14 Computer virus scam goes viral but scammers ill informed
20/02/14 Warning on shipping fee mail scam
09/02/14 Bank refund scam running rife
05/02/14 Warning on 'Yellow Page' scam
29/01/14 Warning on tax scams
25/11/13 Scammers taking advantage of the Anzac spirit
22/09/13 Scammers stoop to stalking the deceased
09/09/13 Seniors targeted in computer virus scam
05/09/13 Warning on bank refund scam: Mid North Coast
06/08/13 Warning on new tax office phishing scam
30/07/13 Warning on fake tax office letter scam
04/06/13 Warning on bank refund scam
11/05/13 Scammers call from Nepal offering energy rebates
07/10/12 Fair Trading warning on real estate scams
17/07/12 Scammers use fake Fair Trading names and numbers
30/04/12 Fair Trading warning on scam phone calls
23/03/12 A new day: A new scam
20/02/12 Fair Trading and Sydney Water warning on water scam

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