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Registry Services 

Registry Services is the unit within NSW Fair Trading responsible for regulating:

  • co-operatives registered under the Co-operatives Act 1992
  • co-operative housing and Starr-Bowkett societies registered under the Co-operative Housing & Starr-Bowkett Societies Act 1998
  • incorporated associations registered under the Associations Incorporations Act 2009
  • contributory and pre-paid funeral funds registered under the Funeral Funds Act 1979.

Registry Services is also responsible for administering the registers for:

  • limited partnerships and incorporated limited partnerships under the Partnerships Act 1892
  • solicitor corporations.

Functions of Registry Services

Registry Services functions are to:

  • assist with the establishment and registration of co-operatives, incorporated associations, funeral funds, limited partnerships and incorporated limited partnerships
  • maintain public registers for the entities regulated by Registry Services, including rules for the Country Women’s Association
  • ensure regulated entities meet their legislative responsibilities through proactive, risk based compliance programs
  • support entities and their members in their compliance obligations by providing timely and accurate services, including processing documentation and responding to queries and complaints
  • educate and inform those entities and their members of Registry Services' role and activities, legal frameworks and their rights and responsibilities
  • review current laws and implement law changes, such as the Co-operatives National Law, to reflect community needs and government objectives
  • support other Government departments in their operations.

Guarantee of service

Registry Services guarantees:

  • processing of approved applications for name reservation and registration of incorporated associations within 5 business days of lodgement by mail
  • processing of completed annual summaries of financial affairs for incorporated associations within 10 business days of lodgement by mail
  • registration of new co-operatives within 28 days of receipt of finalised documents.

Contact details

Registry Services
PO Box 22
154 Russell Street
Bathurst NSW 2795
DX 3123 Bathurst

Telephone: 6333 1400
FreeCall: 1800 502 042
Fax: 6333 1444

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