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Changes due to the introduction of the Australian Consumer Law

Fair Trading is in the process of updating its website following the introduction of the Australian Consumer Law on 1 January 2011. Some information, particularly translated information, will not be current at that date, so please refer to the information in English.

Some pages may still refer to the Fair Trading Act, Fair Trading Regulation or Trade Practices Act. In these cases please refer to the Australian Consumer Law website for current information on these topics. Product safety information, including warnings and bans, unrelated to legislation remains current. While updating of the product safety information is in progress, please refer to the Product Safety website for product safety legislation information and product recalls.

The information on this website is general in nature and cannot be relied upon as legal advice concerning the legislation enforced by NSW Fair Trading. Persons should obtain their own copy of any relevant legislation and seek independent legal or other advice if they believe that they may be affected by the legislation.

NSW Fair Trading disclaims any liability (including for negligence) to any person in respect of: anything; and the consequences of anything, done, or not done, by any such person in whole or partial reliance upon the whole or part of the information on this website.