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This section of the Fair Trading website has information for Indigenous consumers and traders.


Fair Trading and the Anti-Discrimination Board sign new cooperative agreement

In August 2015, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between NSW Fair Trading and the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW to deliver improved cooperation between the agencies and enhance consumer protection for Indigenous communities.

The MoU enhances collaboration between the two agencies to: identify allegations of discrimination and predatory practices; undertake early dispute resolution; carry out joint trader and community education programs; and take enforcement action for breaches of discrimination or fair trading laws. 

Stepan Kerkyasharian from the Anti-Discrimination Board NSW with Rod Stowe, Commissioner for Fair Trading at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding.

How to contact us

You can call us on the freecall number 1800 500 330. Simply ask to speak with an Aboriginal officer.

Fair Trading has Aboriginal officers providing services to Indigenous communities across NSW. To contact a staff member in your area, go to the Fair Trading Aboriginal staff page.

Aboriginal action plan

NSW Fair Trading implemented an Aboriginal Action Plan in 1998 and has regularly reviewed the Plan since. In November 2013 a new Aboriginal Action Plan was developed after receiving feedback from staff and consultation with Indigenous communities and organisations.

The Aboriginal Action Plan involves making Fair Trading’s services more accessible to Indigenous communities across New South Wales. By making its services more accessible, Fair Trading can improve the experience of Indigenous consumers in the marketplace.

The current Aboriginal Action Plan also aligns with the priorities set out in the National Indigenous Consumer Strategy 2014-2016 Action Plan, Taking action, gaining trust. (PDF size: 528kb) 

National Indigenous Consumer Strategy 2014-2016 priorities:

  • Trading practices
  • Housing
  • Consumer awareness
  • Contracts.

For further information about the Aboriginal Action Plan contact Fair Trading's Co-ordinator Aboriginal Programs or your nearest Aboriginal officer. 

Useful information for Indigenous consumers and businesses

Fair Trading useful information and services: