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Standard fact sheet.
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Owner-builder approved education course 

If you intend to undertake home building work valued at over $10,000 you will need an owner–builder permit. If the work is valued at more than $20,000 you will also need to complete the Course in Owner-builder Compliance (91509NSW) or have the approved equivalent qualifications and experience. Additionally, for any work requiring an owner-builder permit you must hold a current general construction induction training card (within the meaning of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011), generally referred to as a White Card.

Course in Owner-Builder Compliance (91509NSW) 

A WorkCover General Construction Induction Card is a prerequisite for the Course. More information can be obtained from the training course providers.

The Course comprises units of competency in the following five sections:

  • Preparing to be an owner-builder (OBPERNSW001 Prepare to be an owner-builder)
  • Occupational Health and Safety (CPCCOHS2001A Apply OHS, requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry)
  • Drawing, Estimating and Cash Flow (CPCCCM2001A Read and interpret plans and specification; CPCCCM1001A Undertake basic estimation and costing)
  • Managing contracts (OBPERNSW002 Administer contracts)
  • Managing the work (CPCCCM1003A Plan and organise work; CPCCCM1004A Conduct workplace communication)

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Lodging a permit application 

After completing the Course in Owner-Builder Compliance, all relevant documentation, together with your permit application, should be provided to your nearest Fair Trading Centre. If these documents meet all the necessary criteria, and the application fee is paid, an owner–builder permit can be issued while you wait.

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Superseded owner-builder courses 

From 1 January 2011, only the New South Wales Course in Owner-Builder Compliance can be submitted with a permit application.

Any owner-builder course which may have been previously undertaken is no longer recognised as meeting the education requirements for undertaking owner-builder work. 

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Cost and duration 

Course providers seek to deliver training that meets the needs of their customers. The Course has nominal hours for face-to-face and distance learning and providers may deliver the course using a blend of methods. The price and delivery options should be discussed with training providers to find the option which is most suited to your circumstances.

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Course providers 

To find registered training organisations who are registered to deliver the Course in Owner-builder Compliance (91509NSW), you can use the website and search via the course code 91509NSW. The Course in Owner-Builder Compliance can only be delivered by registered training organisations.

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Current general construction induction training card 

Contact WorkCover to find out how to apply for a general construction induction card, generally referred to as a White Card. This is a mandatory requirement for all owner-builder permit applications.

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