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Resolving issues - strata schemesĀ 

Strata living often brings people of diverse interests and backgrounds close together. Disagreements and disputes sometimes arise. Hopefully, most disputes can be sorted out by the people involved simply talking about it.


Mediation is a structured negotiation process in which a neutral and independent mediator assists parties in a strata or community scheme dispute to achieve a resolution. Mediation is the preferred way to resolve disputes once the parties involved have made every effort to resolve a dispute.

The following types of disputes are not included in the range of matters where mediation must be attempted before going to Adjudication:

  • applications for appointment of managing agents
  • applications for interim orders or stays
  • applications for variations or revocations of previous orders
  • applications authorising acts in initial period
  • applications about allocation of unit entitlements
  • applications for imposition of civil penalties.

More information on Strata and community mediation.

Options beyond mediation

There is information on procedures and options for resolving strata and community disputes through other avenues - see Strata and community disputes.


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