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Motor repairers and insurers 

Reforms to motor industry laws

From 1 December 2014 the Motor Dealers and Repairers Act 2013 replaced the Motor Vehicle Repairs Act 1980. Information about the changes is available on the following pages:

Motor vehicle repair businesses in NSW are currently regulated by the Motor Vehicle Repairs Act. The Act requires all motor vehicle repair businesses to be licensed and the tradespeople working in those businesses to be certified. These functions are performed by NSW Fair Trading as well as a dispute resolution service between motor vehicle owners and repairers. More information about the current arrangements is provided on the following pages:

For information about the Fair Trading’s dispute resolution service go to Motor vehicle warranty and repair disputes in the consumer section of the website.

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Motor vehicle ‘choice of repairer’ policies

As an insurer, you must provide information to consumers about your ‘choice of repairer’ policy in your product disclosure statements, on your websites and over the telephone.

While you may suggest certain businesses as your ‘preferred’ suppliers, the consumer has no obligation to pick one of these, unless it is a specific condition in your ‘choice of repairer’ policy.

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