Lodge an application for strata mediation



Applications for mediation can be lodged by:


Owners corporations against individual lot owners for:

  • breaches of the scheme’s by-laws (i.e parking on common property, noise, behaviour etc)
  • damage to common property
  • unauthorised alterations to common property
  • for the return of the books and records where an agent’s contract has been terminated.


Lot owners against the owners corporation for:

  • the management of the scheme including enforcement of the by-laws
  • repair and maintenance of the common property
  • meeting procedures
  • decisions of the owners corporation
  • levies

Lot owners against other lot owners for:

  • breaches of the scheme’s by laws (i.e parking on common property, noise, behaviour, damage to common property etc)
  • use of lot or common property which may affect them personally as well as affecting other lot owners




For more information on whether your dispute is suitable for mediation call 13 32 20.



Not all matters are suitable for mediation. Lot owners or the owners corporation can lodge certain disputes directly with the Tribunal without needing mediation first. This includes matters seeking an order:

  • to appoint or require the appointment of a strata managing agent
  • varying or revoking an order made by the Tribunal
  • allocating unit entitlements
  • for access to a lot by the owners corporation to inspect or repair common property
  • seeking provision of records to an owners corporation by a former strata managing agent for the strata scheme,
  • inspection of records
  • imposing fines, such as for a by-law breach.





OR are you at the point where you believe the appointment of a compulsory managing agent is required:


An application can be made directly with the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal. An Adjudicator can make an order appointing a compulsory strata manager if satisfied that the scheme is not functioning properly or the owners corporation has failed to perform its duties.

Upon application the applicant must provide evidence. This may include:

  • no annual general or executive committee meetings being convened
  • little or no funds available
  • no executive committee
  • no insurance
  • no common property repairs or maintenance being carried out


An applicant will also need to provide a letter of consent from a licenced strata managing agent willing to manage the scheme.



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