The NSW Fair Trading Complaints Register provides information about businesses that are the subject of 10 or more complaints received by Fair Trading in a calendar month. The Register is updated monthly and only includes complaints considered by Fair Trading to have been made by a real person, relating to a real interaction with a business.

As you browse through the Complaints Register, you’ll find the following information about the businesses listed:

  • the name of the business
  • the number of complaints NSW Fair Trading has received about the business in the last month
  • the product groups complained about – click on the business name to display the types of products Fair Trading has received complaints about for that business.

From the September 2016 Complaints Register onwards, business location information is included. The location of the business:

  • is in NSW unless otherwise indicated
  • is indicated as 'Online' for businesses that only trade online, regardless of their location.

For privacy reasons, the Register does not disclose any detailed information on a specific complaint, nor name any person who has made a complaint. Detailed information on how the Complaints Register works can be found in the Guidelines (PDF size: 240kb).

NSW Fair Trading is currently reviewing the Complaints Register Guidelines and is seeking public feedback as part of this process. For more information about the review and how to have your say, go to the Complaints Register Guidelines review page on the Fair Trading website.

Complaints Registers

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