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Product safety 

Consumers have the right to expect that the goods they purchase from you will be safe to use. As a business, you have a legal obligation to ensure that the goods you supply are free from defects which may cause injury to consumers.

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) requires that certain goods comply with safety requirements before they are sold, and certain information about a product must be supplied with that product when it is sold.

Businesses should not assume that imported products have been checked for compliance with Australian's product safety laws, even if they have been cleared by Customs.

For more information on the many products currently banned or subject to a mandatory standard, visit the Product Safety Australia website, and download Product safety: a guide for business which is written in English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Fair Trading supports businesses by providing information on recall procedures and conducting ongoing marketplace surveys to ensure that products on sale meet required standards. Where problems do occur with a product, Fair Trading has powers to protect the public from unsafe goods. This includes recalling dangerous products and issuing public warnings. Information on a range of topics can be found on the following pages:

Annual product safety survey

Each year Fair Trading conducts a product safety surveys to ensure the compliance and safety of general products available in NSW over the summer holiday period. A particular focus of the surveys is on children's toys and electrical products.

View the list and photos of dangerous Christmas toys, novelties, and other products that were recently removed from store shelves:

You can also view the list and photos of unapproved or unsafe electrical products for 2012 (PDF size: 211 KB).

View product safety views on YouTube

Watch Unsafe Toys to find out how your business can minimise the risk of supplying unsafe products.

Watch Christmas toy inspections by Fair Trading to find out how Fair Trading conducts children’s toys safety inspections of businesses.

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