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Fair Go program 

Fair Go is a community education initiative of NSW Fair Trading aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of consumer rights and responsibilities within the Indigenous communities of New South Wales. Fair Go is about working and building long-term relationships through partnerships with Indigenous community organisations, service providers and media.

What does it involve?

Fair Trading invites participation from community organisations, service providers and media to work with Fair Trading in educating Indigenous communities on their consumer rights and responsibilities.

Every consumer has the right to be protected from unfair business practices. Tradespeople and business operatives need to be aware of their obligations under Fair Trading laws.

Partnership agreements

Participating in the Fair Go program involves signing a Partnership Agreement with Fair Trading. The Agreement outlines the role each party undertakes to actively promote consumer rights and responsibilities to the Indigenous community.

This partnership is based on mutual respect, consultation and participation between Fair Trading and the Indigenous community in setting goals and directions for increasing awareness of consumer rights and responsibilities.

Fair Go partners are expected to:

  • actively distribute information on consumer rights issues to clients, community workers, staff and other service providers
  • participate in, or organise promotional events with a consumer issue focus
  • promote the services of Fair Trading to clients, community workers and the Indigenous community
  • disseminate information on consumer rights and responsibilities to the Indigenous community and media
  • provide regular feedback and evaluation of the partnership to Fair Trading.

Fair Trading will:

  • conduct regular information sessions for community groups and training for community workers on consumer rights and responsibilities
  • consult and provide innovative solutions to improving awareness and education on consumer rights and responsibilities within the Indigenous community
  • develop and deliver culturally appropriate programs for the Indigenous community
  • increase the knowledge of Fair Trading staff on Indigenous history, culture and contemporary issues
  • provide a formal evaluation process of the Fair Go partnership program which includes ongoing research and monitoring of consumer rights and responsibilities and activities relevant to the Indigenous community
  • issue a quarterly newsletter to stakeholders
  • provide free publications and promotional materials.

More information

For more information about partnering with Fair Trading under the Fair Go program contact:

Brett Cunningham
Co-ordinator Aboriginal Programs
NSW Fair Trading
Phone: 02 4925 7012
Mobile: 0423 844 286

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