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Multicultural Affairs 

At NSW Fair Trading you can expect to receive equal access to our services regardless of your cultural, linguistic or religious background. If you need language assistance, including Auslan or Deaf Sign, we will help you by using an accredited interpreter, the Telephone Interpreting Service (TIS), or a bilingual staff member. These services are free of charge to you.

You can access our translated publications in over 20 community languages from the Download publications page from this website. You can also expect to receive information about Fair Trading's services through community organisations and the community language media.

Selected information in a number of community languages is also available from this website. To access information in your language from the home page, choose a language under the drop down button that reads 'Select other languages' and then select the 'Go' button. This will take you to the language page you've selected.

We provide training and resources to help our staff plan, deliver and evaluate our services so they are appropriate to people from diverse backgrounds. We are in regular contact with community organisations and community workers. We take part in multicultural community events, activities and present information sessions and seminars for new migrants, community workers, Migrant Resource Centres, community colleges, other government agencies and community groups.

Besides providing services directly, we also fund community organisations to support our work. Our funding guidelines require applicants to provide their services in line with access and equity principles.

Language and cross-cultural skills are important and we reflect this in our staffing. Did you know that 25% of the people who work here, English was not the first language they spoke when they were a child? This means that you can expect to meet people from many different backgrounds when you contact us.

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