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National Indigenous Consumer Strategy 

2014-2016 Action Plan: Taking action, gaining trust

The Legislative and Governance Forum on Consumer Affairs is responsible for the implementation of the National Indigenous Consumer Strategy and the 2014-2016 Action Plan 'Taking action, gaining trust'. The Action Plan is an important initiative that recognises the need for change in the way consumer agencies go about their business with Indigenous consumers. The strategy provides a framework for agencies to share information and education materials, to collaborate in the enforcement of consumer rights and to co-ordinate research and policy development.

With other State, Territory and Commonwealth consumer agencies, NSW Fair Trading is committed to working co-operatively on these priorities and actions identified in the plan. These priorities are in the following areas:

  • trading practices
  • housing
  • consumer awareness
  • contracts.

The strategy involves a system of annual reporting by individual consumer agencies and consultation with a Reference Group, which includes Indigenous non-government representatives and is chaired by NSW Fair Trading.

The Reference Group will also develop and implement an annual project for each year of this current Action Plan.

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