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Disability Action Plan 

Priority Area for Action 1: Consultation

Goal/Outcome: An action plan to address the needs of customers and staff with a disability in accessing services (both internal and external).

1.1 Conduct consultations with relevant disability community groups, peak organisations, consumers and Fair Trading staff on the implementation of the Disability Action Plan.

1.2 Refine Disability Action Plan to address any identified issues.

1.3 Provide feedback and copies of relevant documents to participants in the consultation process.

  • As agreed during the consultations with disability groups for the development of this Disability Action Plan, rather than have planned consultations, they will contact us as the need arises and we will advise them of updates/new information as appropriate.
  • Contact details of the Community Liaison Coordinators have been provided to the disability organisations, and vice-versa, to enable direct consultation, networking and provision of information.

Priority Area for Action 2: Physical Access

Goal/Outcome: Premises are accessible to people with a disability.

2.1 Finalise detailed implementation plan from audit process.

2.2 Develop procedures for new premises.

  • Following a disability access audit of premises, a comprehensive final report of all premises, including barriers identified and suggested strategies for enhancing access, was completed.  A working party consisting of senior level representatives from relevant areas was formed to develop a prioritised implementation plan for a long-term staged process.

Priority Area for Action 3: Promoting Positive Community Attitudes

Goal/Outcome: Positive images of people with a disability are integrated into relevant internal and external activities.

3.1 Publications do not currently have images of people. Positive images of people with a disability will be integrated into relevant future publications.

3.2 Consider increasing the representation of staff with disabilities with appropriate skills in external activities (eg. at meetings, displays) to show that staff with disabilities are valued.

Priority Area for Action 4: Provision and Promotion of Services

Goal/Outcome: Accessible and appropriate promotion and provision of services.

4.1 Continue to improve access to online publications and services by including documents in text format as well as PDF format and by increasing the range of licence renewals available online.  A working party will look at procedures for handling electronic complaints and inquiries.

4.2 On line lodgement of CTTT applications to be available from August 2003.  On line listing of application, electronic delivery of hearing notices, publication of hearing lists, case tracking and electronic delivery of CTTT orders to follow. 

4.3 Continue to provide relevant publications in appropriate formats and font size.  Avoid using thin paper, overlays, blocks of text in capitals, different font styles and poor colour contrast in publications.

4.4 Include information on contact numbers and services for people with a disability in forms, publications, in customer service areas and on the website.

4.5 Encourage staff to ask customers about their access or communication requirements and to be flexible in the provision of services and information to people with disabilities.

4.6 Continue to include disability organisations on relevant media and publication distribution lists and in outreach and liaison activities.

4.7 Continue to provide information to staff on the provision of services and information to people with disabilities.

4.8 Extend availability of hearing loops.

Priority Area for Action 5: Complaints Procedures

Goal/Outcome: Complaints procedures are accessible and appropriate to the range of needs of people with a disability.

This area relates to feedback on services provided by NSW Fair Trading.

5.1 Include accessible options for providing feedback, for example by telephone, Relay Service for TTY, telephone interpreting service, fax, in writing or via the website.

  • Customer feedback on Fair Trading services is received by mail (either by general correspondence or by our Customer feedback form), by telephone or via our website. A current review of customer feedback procedures includes improving access in the lodgement of compliments and complaints about services provided by Fair Trading.

Priority Area for Action 6: Training of Staff

Goal/Outcome: Staff have increased disability awareness.

6.1 Continue to provide updated information on disability issues to staff in hard copy and/or online and via induction and training programs.

6.2 Include disability issues in the proposal for staff training on diversity issues.

6.3 CTTT staff training will include dealing with people with special needs.

Priority Area for Action 7: Employment in the Public Sector

Goal/Outcome: Reasonable adjustment is provided to staff with a disability to ensure equitable employment conditions.

7.1 Continue to survey staff at regular intervals to update information on their EEO survey to determine those with a disability who require adjustments.

7.2 Brief supervisors and provide adjustments as required.

7.3 Continue to conduct biannual meetings of the Disability Support Network for staff with a disability and staff with an interest in disability issues.

7.4 Develop a proposal to identify suitable positions to target for employment of staff with a disability.

Priority Area for Action 8: Communication of Disability Action Plan

Goal/Outcome: Executive, staff and service users are aware of the Disability Action Plan.

8.1 Provide information on the new Disability Action Plan to Executive, Managers and staff.

8.2 Provide information on the new Disability Action Plan to disability and community organisations in appropriate formats, for example on the website and to allow feedback.

A new plan

A new Disability Action Plan is currently in development. If you have any queries or comments, please direct them to:
Leona Lobo -
Ben Folino -

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