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We’re actively working to support the NSW Government’s aim of removing obstacles to women’s full participation in society. This means recognising that in some areas of life, women have different experiences and needs from men. It also means recognising that age, race, ethnicity, location and social and economic circumstances all affect women’s needs and options.

Government priorities relating to women that are relevant to NSW Fair Trading include:

  • supporting families
  • protecting women as consumers and ensuring women’s civil and legal equality
  • ensuring that women have equal access to information
  • ensuring women’s equal access to and full participation in power structures and decision making
  • ensuring equal employment opportunities for female staff and developing strategies to redress past disadvantages.

Fair Trading supports these policies in a number of ways. We produce publications on product standards and finance that are relevant to women. We have developed consumer information which is of particular interest for women including a guide to consumer protection aspects of shopping, a comprehensive guide to product safety and a toy safety checklist. We support older women by providing information on issues relevant to senior consumers as well as a comprehensive guide to living in a retirement village. We fund community organisations to provide financial counselling and tenancy advice services – an area where approximately 62% of the customers are women.

As well as helping women, we support and assist our female staff. An active Spokeswomen’s network, a dedicated resource area on our internal computer network, women’s resource centres in many offices, mentoring and career development activities, regular segments in the staff newsletter, as well as a Spokeswomen’s Program Strategic Plan all contribute to an enhanced working environment for Fair Trading’s female employees.

More information on women’s issues is available on the Office for Women website. The Office for Women is a unit in the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet.

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