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Music festivals 

A big part of our wonderful summer is the music festival season, but what happens if a festival is cancelled or even dramatically changed at the last moment?

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) gives consumers rights if a business fails to deliver what they said they would.  Find out about your rights at the ACL website.

Here are some tips to avoid losing your money on the ticket if the event does not go ahead or major changes occur:

  • Check the terms and conditions of the ticket
  • If you want a refund contact the place you purchased the ticket first
  • If you paid on credit card and you don’t get a refund from the place of purchase, contact your bank about a possible chargeback
  • Always keep receipts and any information you have been sent in case you have a dispute later
  • Make sure you deal with a reputable ticket seller with secure online ticket sales systems
  • Check your refund rights on the ACL website


What happens if I think I am entitled to a refund on my festival ticket but the business will not provide one? NSW Fair Trading can assist you when there is a problem. Contact us on 13 32 20 or lodge a complaint.

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