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Safer pool choices 

If you own a pool, you’ll know you are responsible for meeting NSW safety requirements.

Keeping family, friends and the community free from drowning and injury is easier when your pool is fully fenced and you have better control over the swimming pool area.

This November, NSW Fair Trading joins other Australian consumer protection agencies to help promote the ‘Safer pool choices’ message. We're providing tips, information and reminders on how you can make active decisions that will help you boost pool safety and protect your neighbours, friends and family.


  • Every Australian who owns a pool with a depth of 300mm or more is required to fence it in accordance with State or Territory legislation. This also applies to spa pools and portable pools.
  • The majority of children under five years who drown in swimming pools do so due to fencing that does not comply with the legislation. Your local council can provide information on what your responsibilities are.
  • Ensure your pool fence has a self-closing, self-latching gate in working order. Many children have drowned when their carer was unaware they were anywhere near the pool.
  • All portable pools supplied in Australia are required to display a warning label with general safety information, including whether fencing laws apply. If you purchase a portable pool, follow this safety advice and contact your local council for information if fencing is required.
  • Active supervision is always necessary. Stay at arm’s length when your child is learning to swim.
  • Pool toys and floatation aids have been involved in many cases where children have been drowned or seriously injured. Only use floatation aids in good order, appropriate for the age and weight of the child. Tidy toys away after use so they don’t attract children into the pool.

Make safer pool choices with these web resources: