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Complaints Register 

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Fair Trading is currently reviewing whether the Complaints Register Guidelines enable the Register to meet its objectives and has released an Issues Paper for public consultation. Consumers and business across NSW are encouraged to contribute their views, either by making a formal submission or by answering one or more of the questions in the Issues Paper via an online survey.

Submissions and the survey close at 5pm on Friday 25 May 2018.

To access the Issues Paper and find out how to have your say, go to the Complaints Register Guidelines review consultation page.

The NSW Fair Trading Complaints Register lists businesses that are the subject of 10 or more complaints to NSW Fair Trading in a calendar month. Businesses are listed according to their public and recognisable 'trading' or 'brand' name.

The Complaints Register is updated monthly in the second half of each month with complaints data from the previous calendar month. The collection of data for the purposes of the Complaints Register commenced on 1 July 2016, and the first Register was published on 25th August 2016.

From September 2016, the data published on the Register includes the geographic location of businesses. All locations are in NSW, unless otherwise specified on the Register in the location column. Location is indicated as 'Online' for businesses that only trade online, regardless of their location.

This additional information allows consumers to see how many complaints have been received about each business by location. Businesses with a collective total of 10 or more complaints across all locations will appear on the Register.

What information is included on the Register? 

Only complaints considered by Fair Trading to have been made by a real person, relating to a real interaction with a business will be listed on the Register.

Information listed on the Complaints Register includes:

  • the name of the business (the recognised business/brand name)
  • the number of complaints received by Fair Trading about the business in the last month
  • the product groups complained about.

Why have a Complaints Register?

In the 2015-16 financial year, NSW Fair Trading received over 50,000 complaints. Making some complaint information publically available provides businesses with an incentive to provide better customer service and helps consumers make more informed decisions.

The information listed on the Complaints Register is downloadable, and is part of the NSW Government's open data policy, which recognises the important role that information plays in the economy and the community.

The Complaints Register is established under s86AA of the Fair Trading Act.

Complaints Register Guidelines

The Complaints Register Guidelines (PDF size: 240kb) explain how the Register operates.

The Guidelines provide information about what is classed as a complaint, how NSW Fair Trading deals with complaints, and the limitations of NSW Fair Trading’s complaints data.

The Guidelines note that:

  • many complaints received by Fair Trading simply relate to poor customer service. Appearing on the Register does not necessarily mean that a business has breached any laws
  • the Register only reports on complaints received by NSW Fair Trading
  • larger businesses or businesses in particular industries may attract more complaints
  • media attention on an issue may generate more complaints.

The Guidelines will be updated from time to time as refinements are made to NSW Fair Trading's policies, processes and systems.

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