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Fees, applications and submitting paperwork for plumbing and drainage inspections in the Sydney and Newcastle areas 

The MyInspections gateway allows users to pay fees and submit documents related to plumbing and drainage work, and applies to all on-site plumbing and drainage work in the areas where Fair Trading conduct inspections in the Sydney and Newcastle regions only.  In addition to paying fees, the Licensee can complete and submit the required Notice of Work (NoW), Sewer Service Diagrams (SSD) and Certificate of Compliance (CoC).

NOTE: If using a mobile device, some MyInspections functions are limited, such as printing and saving transaction receipts or other documents.

To access the MyInspections Gateway the user must first register.  Once registered, users are able to:

  • submit an audit inspection application (pay for an audit inspection)
  • correct an audit inspection application
  • submit or correct a performance solution application (please note only property details can be corrected).
  • submit or correct a Notice of Work (NoW)
  • submit a Certificate of Compliance (CoC)
  • submit a completed Sewer Service Diagram (SSD)

For more information on how to register and complete the above actions, please refer to the Guide for using the Fair Trading MyInspections Gateway in pdf format (size: 2.06mb).

Where the inspection fee was paid through a Quick Check agent, the NoW, SSD and CoC documents will still be available on the Fair Trading website, and can be submitted to Fair Trading by email to or in person to the inspector.

For more information about Work requiring inspections, Plumbing and drainage inspection fees and Applying for Notice of Work visit the relevant pages on Fair Trading's website.

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