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Rental Bonds Online 


Property agents & self-managing landlords must register by 30 January 2017

From 30 January 2017, property agents and self-managing landlords must be registered with Rental Bonds Online. Agents and landlords must also offer the service to new tenants as the first option for lodgement of their bond. More information is available on the Rental Bonds Online (RBO) changes to residential tenancy laws webpage.


Rental Bonds Online is a service helping tenants, agents and self-managing landlords lodge and refund bond money securely and easily.

Tenants can pay their bond direct to NSW Fair Trading using Visa, Mastercard or BPAY. Agents or landlords can lodge bonds in minutes, at any time, without having to post lodgement forms.

All parties are kept informed through SMS phone notifications and email updates.

Rental Bonds Online - now even more mobile-friendly!

Agents, private landlords and tenants can access the Rental Bonds Online site using a desktop computer or any mobile device such as a tablet or mobile phone.

A new feature released in late 2015 directs tenants using their smartphone to a version of the Rental Bonds Online site optimised for smaller devices. This gives tenants access to all the core functions on Rental Bonds Online so they can create an account, lodge and claim bond money, check the status of their bond and update their details. They can also navigate to the full site if they need to access other functions within Rental Bonds Online.

How to register and find out more

Visit the relevant page to you to learn more, including how to register as a Rental Bonds Online user: