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Our compliance role 

NSW Fair Trading promotes a fair marketplace for consumers and traders by maximising traders' compliance with regulatory requirements. In doing so, Fair Trading also seeks to educate and engage with both consumers and traders on issues that affect their rights and obligations. Proactive inspection programs are an effective way of doing this. As a regulator, the main concern is to minimise any direct financial or material loss or harm to a consumer from a business that has failed to comply with the law.

To achieve this it applies a structured risk-based and outcome focussed approach when determining what will be investigated. To be effective, compliance measures must be backed up with a range of escalating enforcement options that can be used if a trader fails to comply or where there is a serious breach of fair trading laws. The laws administered by Fair Trading set minimum standards for business; and under those laws Fair Trading has a range of civil, administrative and criminal enforcement remedies at its disposal.

Our approach to compliance and enforcement remedies is summarised in the compliance pyramid.

Compliance and enforcement remedies

Compliance Pyramid


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