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Video and audio 

In the Fair Trading video and audio section you can access video and audio files on specific topics of interest relating to consumers and traders. Many of these are in a range of community languages.

Buying a used car 

When buying a second hand car, it is critical that you do your homework. Always view and test drive the car and never ever base your decision on just the photos provided.

To avoid buying a lemon, check out our video on how to inspect a second hand car and what you should look for.

Covers 7 different topics on buying a used car and are available in 6 community languages.

Help with tenancy problems Video Available

The tenancy complaint service is a simple, free service that aims to help tenants, landlords and agents negotiate tenancy problems.

The Help with tenancy problems video shows how the service works, with examples of cases that were based on real complaint scenarios.

This video is also available in Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Supporting local communities Video Available

Supporting local communities is a series of four videos showing how our staff from different areas of Fair Trading support consumers and traders across the State and the services we provide.

My consumer rights Video Available

My consumer rights is a series of animatic videos covering six topics on your rights and responsibilities when buying goods and services in Australia.

Designed especially for new migrants, the videos use simple messages, together with universal symbols and gestures, to explain the basic concepts of Australian Consumer Law. They are particularly useful for intermediaries and English language educators working with new migrants to raise their awareness of consumer rights and responsibilities. 

Renting a home - A tenant's guide to rights and responsibilities Video Available

Renting a home: a tenant's guide to rights and responsibilities is a video resource produced by NSW Fair Trading to help promote awareness of tenant's rights and responsibilities to new migrants, including emerging communities. It is available in 17 languages, including English.

Know your rights Video Available

Presented by Fair Trading staff, the Know your rights video series features a range of topics for consumers and traders including: associations, buying a home, unsafe toys, door-to-door sales scams, refunds, and condition reports.
Available in English only.

Our story Video Available

Follow real life case studies of instances where NSW Fair Trading has helped consumers and traders.
Available in English, Arabic, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese.

Your home, your car, your money Audio Available

Find out more information on shopping, avoiding scams, buying or selling your home and more.
Available in English only.

Window and balcony safety Video Available

Fair Trading has produced two short videos presented by DIY guru and TV personality, Rob Palmer showing: simple things you can do around your home to prevent small children falling out of windows or balconies, and an easy step-by-step video guide on how to install window safety devices.  

An additional third video helps tenants, landlords and strata owners understand their rights and obligations when installing window safety devices.

All three videos are available in English only.

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