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Your home, your car, your money 

The Your home, your car, your money audio files contain useful consumer information about your rights when buying goods or services and what to do when things go wrong.

Download Your home, your car, your money - introduction (size: 1.32mb)


Download Selling your home (size: 2.26mb)

Download Buying a house (size: 3.35mb)

Download Buying a strata property (size: 1.81mb)

Download Living in a residential park (size: 4.37mb)

Download Moving into a retirement village (size: 5.98mb)

Download Building or renovating your home (size: 3.88mb)

Download Renting a house or unit (size: 4.92mb)

Download Assistance with modifications and maintenance (size: 792kb)

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Download Buying a car (size: 3.74mb)

Download Car maintenance and repairs (size: 697kb)

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Download Consumer guarantees and warranties (size: 2.64mb)

Download Ways to shop (size: 2.88mb)

Download Using a Senior's Card (size: 956kb)

Download Unfair sales practices (size: 1.04mb)

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Download Avoiding scams (size: 4.31mb)

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Download Money matters (size: 809kb)

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Planning for later life 

Download Power of attorney (size: 1.74mb)

Download Planning for a funeral (size: 3.91mb)

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When things go wrong 

Download Resolving disputes with traders (size: 1.63mb)

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Order audio CD pack 

The Your home, your car, your money audio information can help the 3.3 million Australians who have difficulty reading stay consumer savvy.

Maybe you know someone who prefer audio information but they are not be able to download the files on this page? They can now call Fair Trading to get a CD pack with all the audio information on this page. Call 13 32 20 to get a copy.

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