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Businesses links and contacts 

This page contains brief descriptions of organisations that provide a range of information and services for businesses and franchises in particular.

Retail Tenancy Unit

The Retail Tenancy Unit has now been incorporated into the Office of the Small Business Commissioner.

The Office of the Small Business Commissioner can discuss issues with landlords, tenants, agents, solicitors, accountants, small businesses and industry advisors to help them seek a resolution to the problems facing their business. These informal services, forms and educational products are provided free of charge.

To rent a retail property you need to take out a retail lease (a type of commercial lease). Knowing your rights and responsibilities as a tenant or landlord will help you avoid or resolve differences that may come up.

Contact the Retail Tenancy Unit at:
Office of the Small Business Commissioner
Retail Tenancy Unit
MLC Centre
Lv 43
19 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000

PO Box 5477
Sydne NSW 2001

Bonds enquiries - Tel: 1300 153 335 (toll free) or
General Enquiries - Tel: 1300 795 534 (toll free) or
Fax: 1300 795 644 (toll free)

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) manages the Franchising Code of Conduct. The code has been designed to provide enhanced protection for those entering into, renewing or extending franchise agreements, primarily by providing better information on which to make the decision whether or not to invest in a franchised business. This is a mandatory code and must be complied with by all franchise systems.

The ACCC also investigates complaints between franchisees and franchisers. For further information, contact the ACCC:

Telephone: (02) 9230 9133 or 1300 302 502
Address: Level 7, Angel Place, 123 Pitt Street (GPO Box 3648) Sydney 2000.

Business Enterprise Centres

Business Enterprise Centres are a network involving business enterprises, government, professional associations and other organisations. The purpose of this body is to provide job creation and growth of small business. For more information:

Alternately, contact Industry & Investment NSW, Business Advisory Services:
Telephone: 1300 650 058

Revenue NSW

Revenue NSW is responsible for administering payroll tax in NSW. Payroll tax is imposed on an employer’s liable NSW wages minus any threshold entitlement.

An individual employer or a group of related businesses may be liable for payroll tax if the total taxable wages throughout Australia, including NSW, exceeds the payroll tax threshold for that year.

Current payroll tax rates and thresholds are listed on the Revenue NSW website.

Postal Address: GPO Box 4042, Sydney NSW 2001

Office of the Mediation Adviser

The Office of the Mediation Adviser (OMA) was established by the Australian Government Office of Small Business. The role of the OMA is to appoint mediators to assist franchisors and franchisees to resolve their problems without going to court. For further information contact them on:
Telephone: 1800 150 667
Postal Address: Level 2, Suite 205, 370 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

The Franchise Council of Australia Ltd

The Franchise Council of Australia Ltd (FCA) is the peak body for the franchise sector in Australia, representing franchisees, franchisors and service providers to the sector. Membership is voluntary, and is open to any organisation or individual involved in the franchise sector. For further information, contact them on:
Telephone: 1300 669 030
Postal Address: PO Box 2195, Malvern East VIC 3145

Reference websites

Australian Securities & Investments Commission
Regional Development Australia 
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