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Children's toys 

Each year, NSW Fair Trading inspectors conduct extensive surveys to ensure toys on sale do not have the potential to cause injury or even death to young children.

Toys for children under 3 years must not contain small parts including batteries which can become easily dislodged and present an inhalation and ingestion hazard.

Below are the most recent report containing examples and photos of unsafe toys that Fair Trading detected being supplied in NSW.
Christmas products safety survey 2013 (PDF size: 803 kb)
Christmas products safety survey 2012 (PDF size: 1.13 MB)

Mandatory standards and permanent bans

Below are some examples of categories of children’s toys that are subject to safety warning label requirements, mandatory standards or permanent bans.

For more information on mandatory standards and permanent bans for children’s toys, visit

Toys containing magnets

Toys containing small magnets can be particularly dangerous if they are swallowed. Children have sustained life-threatening internal injuries when magnets have locked together inside their intestines and caused perforations and blockages.

The mandatory standard for children’s toys containing magnets covers warning labels required for packaging, and instructions to prevent serious illness that can result if children swallow hazardous magnets. Under this mandatory standard, children's toys containing magnets are those that:

  • are supplied new and are designed or clearly intended for use in play by children under the age of 14 years, and 
  • contain hazardous small magnets, and/or
  • contain hazardous small magnetic components.

Aquatic and flotation toys

Children who cannot swim may drown if they are not supervised by a competent adult while using an aquatic or flotation toy. These products must have safety warning labels as well as non-return air valves and permanently attached stoppers.

Projectile toys

Projectile toys are subject to a mandatory standard that includes toy guns, dart gun sets, bow and arrows, slingshots and other pull-back toys that shoot small objects in the air. Unsafe projectile toys containing small parts can pose a choking hazard and children can suffer serious eye injuries if these toys are strong enough to shoot other objects such as nails or pencils.

Water yo yo balls

It is illegal to sell soft synthetic gelatinous liquid and/or novelty filled balls or shapes moulded to a soft synthetic gelatinous stretchable cord which includes a small loop to put a finger through. These products are banned because the cord may pose a strangulation hazard.

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