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Toppling furniture and televisions 

Tragically, up to two children die every year from furniture or TVs toppling over. Toppling furniture and TVs also cause hundreds of serious injuries each year.

Best Practice Guide

A Best Practice Guide for Furniture and Television Tip-Over Prevention has been developed by the National Retail Association, in consultation with a range of businesses and with support from the ACCC, the Australian Furniture Association (AFA) and the Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association (CESA). The Guide recommends that suppliers of furniture and televisions:

  • develop a company policy that outlines systems to address tip-over hazards associated with their products and states their commitment to support the policy
  • affix to the products (or supply with them) anchor devices that are fit for the purpose
  • provide consumer information about tip-over hazards and prevention that includes warning labels
    • in user / assembly instructions
    • on any packaging, including for flat-packed furniture, and
    • on the product
  • develop and maintain staff training programs and manuals about furniture and television consumer safety initiatives
  • provide consumer literature illustrating the various means of anchoring furniture and televisions
  • display warnings in the vicinity of tall furniture and televisions strongly advising consumers to use anchors to secure them to a wall or other building structure.

You can download the Best practice guide for furniture and television tip-over prevention from the National Retail Association website.