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Retirement villages 

Retirement village operators in NSW are required to comply with laws that:

  • set out key rights and obligations for residents and operators,
  • ensure prospective residents are given important information before they sign a contract,
  • require village contracts to be in a standard form, and
  • provide a system for resolving disputes.

This section of the website provides information about the following:

Registration of retirement villages
Rights and obligations
Disclosure to prospective residents
Retirement village contracts

Recent changes to the law

On 1 October 2013, new requirements came into effect for village contracts and information disclosure to prospective residents.

The Retirement Villages Regulation 2009 has been amended to include three new mandatory documents:

  • General inquiry document
  • Disclosure statement
  • Standard retirement village contract

The general inquiry document is a new form, which is compulsory from 1 October 2013. The new disclosure statement replaces the previous disclosure statement. The new form must be used from 1 October 2013. Download the general inquiry document and disclosure statement from the Disclosure to prospective residents page.

Any village contracts entered into on or after this date must be in the standard form. Village contracts that were entered into before 1 October do not need to be changed. If the old form of disclosure statement was given to a resident before 1 October, it can be attached to their new contract. Visit the Retirement village contracts page for more information.

Useful contacts

Aged & Community Services Association of NSW & ACT
Represents retirement village residential aged care and community care providers within the non-profit sector.
Level 3, 9 Blaxland Rd, Rhodes NSW 2138
Tel: 8754 0400 or 1800 424 770 (country callers)

Retirement Living Council
Represents retirement village operators, owners, managers, developers, investors and industry specialists across Australia. They can provide information on member villages.

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