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Unclaimed monies 

Consumers from time to time receive a letter from a commercial agent (debt collector) claiming they are entitled to monies held by a government department.  The commercial agents can search unclaimed monies registers held by various government agencies and match them against names in electoral roles etc. The money could also belong to another person with the same name and agents may require the consumer to provide further details to confirm who the money belongs to. There is generally a fee for this service.

Revenue NSW holds unclaimed monies from various sources including savings accounts last used during a limited range of years.  For further information contact Revenue NSW at:

Telephone:  1300 366 016 (NSW) or (02) 9685 2123

Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) can also assist consumers to find unclaimed money from life insurance policies, old deposit accounts and shares or dividends.  For more information contact (ASIC) at:

Telephone: 1300 300 630