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If a family member or friend dies and you are arranging their funeral, there are many things to consider and several steps to take.

You should find the will if there is one, it may have directions for funeral arrangements. Then consider:

  • Have any financial arrangements been made to pay for the funeral such as a funeral bond or insurance or pre-paid funeral?
  • Did the deceased person have a pre-paid grave?
  • Is there enough money in the deceased person’s bank account to pay for the funeral and have you contacted the bank about accessing the funds?
  • Are there any sickness, accident, life, superannuation or private health insurance policies which may make a payment towards the funeral?
  • Was the deceased a returned service person or did they belong to any club, pensioner association or trade union, which may entitle them to a funeral benefit?
  • If you or the deceased person received payments from Centrelink have you checked with Centrelink about a possible bereavement payment or allowance?

The following pages have more detailed information for anyone looking to organise a funeral:

In the event of a dispute with a funeral director try and resolve it directly with them. If this is unsuccessful contact Fair Trading on 13 32 20 or lodge a complaint online. Remember to keep all your paperwork and notes of everyone you speak to.

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