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Steps to buying a car 

Most people want to buy a sound vehicle at the best possible price. But there is much more involved than simply getting a great deal:

Before you buy a car
Finance and contracts

Buying a used car video

Used carWhen buying a second hand car, it is critical that you do your homework.

Always view and test drive the car and never base your decision on just the photos provided.

To avoid buying a lemon, check out our video on how to inspect a second hand car and what you should look for.

Case studies

Case study: Buying a car and contracts - read about how Matt got himself into a tight corner with a contract...

Case study: Buying a used car and damage - read about how Jonathon bought a car with a dark past...

Case study: Buying a used car and warranties - read about how Glen bought a car that needed repairs that the dealer didn't want to fix...

Listen to information about your car and buying a car

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