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Bull bars 

Certain five-post bull bars available to NSW vehicle owners do not comply with current NSW road transport regulations. The vehicle registration regulations make it mandatory for vehicles manufactured after 1 January 2003 and fitted with bull bars, to comply with Australian Standard 4876.1-2002 Motor vehicle frontal protection systems – Road user protection.

Bull bar owners

If your vehicle has a bull bar, you have a two year exemption from the vehicle registration regulations that apply to bull bars.

You will be able to drive your vehicle with your bull bar fitted during this time. If you are unsure whether your bull bar complies, or if you have already received a defect notice for a bull bar you believe should be exempt, you can have your vehicle inspected at an RMS Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station.

If you have purchased a vehicle with a defective bull bar, you may have access to remedies under the Motor Dealers and Repairers Act 2013.

If a NSW business fits a non-compliant bull bar to your vehicle, Fair Trading may be able to take disciplinary action under the Act.

If you are unable to resolve a complaint with a trader regarding the purchase of a bull bar you can lodge a complaint with Fair Trading.

Purchasing a vehicle fitted with a bull bar

If you intend to purchase a vehicle already fitted with a bull bar, whether from NSW or another state, or you intend to have a bull bar fitted, you must ensure that the bull bar is compliant with the Australian Standard in order to be able to register the vehicle in NSW.

Motor vehicle repairers

If a motor vehicle repairer fits a non-compliant bull bar to a vehicle, Fair Trading can take disciplinary action under the Motor Dealers and Repairs Act 2013. Businesses licensed under the Act must perform repair work to trade standards and in compliance with the consumer guarantees in the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

The Road Transport Act 2013 and Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulation 2007, require that bull bars fitted to vehicles manufactured after 1 January 2003 must comply with the Australian Standard AS 4876.1–2002 Motor vehicle frontal protection systems – Road user protection. The standard indicates what type of installation is acceptable and what is not.

Requirement under the ACL

Under the ACL, businesses must meet their obligations in relation to the sale, manufacture, distribution and supply of goods and services.

The ACL provides consumers with guarantees that goods or services purchased must be reasonably fit for any purpose specified by the supplier or the consumer.

If this consumer guarantee is not met, you may be able to seek a refund, a replacement or compensation for related loss from the supplier or manufacturer. You can read more about consumer guarantees on the Fair Trading website.

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