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Standard fact sheet.
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Blinds and curtains 

Child safety guidelines 

A baby or young child can become entangled in curtain or blind cords in seconds. This can happen when cords are too long or end in a loop. If a child slips, moves quickly or plays with a cord, the cord can act like a noose and strangle the child.

Babies can reach through cot slats, grab a nearby blind or curtain cord and pull it into the cot and around their necks.

Young children can accidentally strangle on dangling cords after climbing onto a bed or other pieces of furniture.

Steps for protecting children
Mandatory blind and curtain cord requirements
How can I make my blind cords safe?
Need more information?

Steps for protecting children 

Follow these simple steps to keep blind and curtain cords out of children's reach, particularly children under 6 years old:

  • Keep children away from all cords – move furniture, cots and beds away.
  • Check all blind and curtain cords – both at home and when away on holidays. Make sure they are out of children's reach.
  • Make loose cords safe – use safety devices or cut the cord loop and attach a tassel at the end of each strand.
  • Choose safe blinds and curtains – check new curtains and blinds have warning labels and secure the cords out of reach.

Important - If you are buying new made-to-measure blinds or curtains, ask the supplier to show you what safety features are available and make sure you use them.

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Mandatory blind and curtain cord requirements 

A national mandatory standard regulating the supply of ‘corded internal window coverings’ applies to retailers and other suppliers. From 1 January 2015, a second national mandatory standard imposes requirements on people or companies who install corded internal window coverings, in trade or commerce, to bring installations in line with existing requirements for suppliers of these products. Find out more from the Product Safety Australia Blinds, curtains and window fittings page.

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How can I make my blind cords safe? 

Steps to cutting blind cord loops 

Before you start, check that your blinds will still work with cut cords and that it won't void your warranty.

  1. Cut looped cords on the blind, curtain or venetians, just above the tassel.
  2. Remove any tassel and equaliser buckle.
  3. Attach a new tassel to each of the pull-cord ends.
  4. Knot the cord to hold the tassel (see illustration below).

Illustration showing how to knot the cord to hold the tassel.


Note: Pull-cords on certain vertical blinds or curtains require a continuous loop to work and cannot be cut. For these types of blinds or curtains, you will need to install a safety device that will secure the cords out of reach from children.

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Need more information? 

Contact your local blind supplier or hardware store to find out what safety devices are suitable for your blinds. You can also visit and download the 'Blind and curtain cord safety alert' brochure.  

Kidsafe NSW provides a range of information to assist parents in making their homes safe for young children. Contact them on 9845 0890 or visit their website

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