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Pool safety 

In NSW, an average of 11 children under five years of age drown annually, with a further 62 children being admitted to hospital each year for near drowning. Children under five years of age have the highest mortality rate out of any age group, with approximately 70% of drowning deaths occurring in swimming pools.

All pool owners should check their swimming pool regularly throughout the year, especially in the months leading up to summer.

The following pages have more information about safety issues to be aware of in relation to inflatable pools, spa pools, swimming pools and fencing requirements.

Own a portable pool? Make it safe

Drowning in portable pools is silent and can happen quickly.

To help you recognise and reduce the dangers, consumer affairs agencies nationally have joined Royal Life Saving Society - Australia in a Summer 2014-15 campaign. 

Check out the Make it safe campaign page supported with further information to keep kids safe on the Product Safety Australia site. The Make it safe campaign also includes information that has been translated into ArabicGreek, Italian, Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese.

Protect Your Pool, Protect Your Kids video

The Children's Hospital, Westmead, commissioned a comprehensive video covering a range of pool safety topics. All pool owners are encouraged to take a few minutes to watch the video and implement its safety messages and techniques.

The video is located under 'Drowning Prevention' on the 'Swimming Pool Fencing' page of The Children's Hospital at Westmead website (