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Direct marketing code of practice  

The Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) administers a ‘Code of Practice’ for direct marketing which all ADMA members must abide by when conducting direct marketing campaigns. However, the membership of ADMA is voluntary. All ADMA members:

  • must provide accurate information so that you know exactly what is being offered
  • shall not make any false or misleading claims
  • shall not use fictitious or misleading endorsements by other people
  • shall not quote scientific data unless the claim can be proven
  • shall provide a full street address where they can be contacted
  • must provide a seven-day cooling off period for purchases of goods
  • respect your privacy.

Goods bought through direct marketing are subject to the same laws as other consumer goods and services. Traders must honour any claims they make about their goods or services. Goods must, as a minimum standard:

  • be of ‘merchantable quality’
  • match any description or sample
  • suit the particular purpose for which they were described.

Most traders are reasonable and keen to see their customers satisfied. If contacting the trader doesn’t work, call or visit your local Fair Trading Centre to find out your options.