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Operating in other States and Territories 

The Co-operatives National Law (CNL) enables co-operatives within States and Territories to carry on business within States and Territories that have enacted the CNL or alternately a corresponding co-operatives law.

The CNL or corresponding co-operatives law commenced in the following States and Territories on:

03/03/2014 - New South Wales
03/03/2014 - Victoria
22/05/2015 - South Australia
01/09/2015 - Tasmania
01/09/2015 - Northern Territory
01/01/2017 - Western Australia
01/05/2017 - Australian Capital Territory

Queensland is considering whether its existing co-operatives laws should be changed. In the interim, the Cooperatives Act 1997 (Qld) continues to apply.

Participating co-operatives carrying on business in NSW 

A co-operative registered in a State or Territory that has adopted the CNL or corresponding co-operatives law is a participating co-operative.

A participating co-operative is automatically authorised to carry on business in NSW without separate registration or reporting obligations.  This authorisation continues until the co-operative ceases to exist under the law under which it is registered or its authorisation to carry on business is withdrawn.

Chapter 5 of the CNL sets out the circumstances in which a co-operative is considered to be carrying on business in NSW and the requirements for participating co-operatives operating in NSW.

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NSW co-operatives carrying on business in other States and Territories 

NSW co-operatives are able to carry on business without additional registration in States and Territories that have adopted the CNL or a corresponding co-operatives law.

A NSW co-operative that has foreign registration status in Queensland must comply with the Queensland co-operatives legislation until such time as that State commences the CNL.

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Further information 

For further information please contact:

Registry Services
PO Box 22
Bathurst NSW 2795
Telephone: 02 6333 1400
Freecall: 1800 502 042

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