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Record keepingĀ 

CPD for licence and certificate holders

To assist you keep track of your CPD activities, Fair Trading has developed a CPD diary.

You must keep records for each CPD activity, showing:

  • the nature of the activity
  • its educational value
  • the number of CPD points earned.

The following records are acceptable and must be kept for at least 3 years:

  • for 1 point per hour learning:
    • proof of attendance (see below for what it should contain)
    • receipts or other records verifying the claim for points
  • for 3 point per hour learning (by a registered training organisation (RTO) or an Australian university):
    • Statement of attainment
    • Certificate of part completion or qualification issued by a RTO or Australian university.
  • for 3 point per hour learning (by an approved industry association or a Government agency):
    • proof of attendance (see below)
    • receipts or other records verifying the claim for points

Proof of attendance

The proof of attendance should contain:

  1. Your name, contact details and licence or certificate number
  2. Title of the course/event/activity/training and the CPD topic area covered
  3. Course code (if any)
  4. Date, time and place of the course/event/activity/training
  5. Duration of the course/event/activity/training
  6. Type of assessment (if applicable)
  7. Name of the trainer and organisation
  8. CPD points earned.

You are not required to send any of these records to Fair Trading. However, if you are audited by Fair Trading you must be able to prove that you complied with CPD requirements, or face the possibility of losing your licence or certificate.

Your licence or certificate may be audited by Fair Trading. Any licensee who knowingly misrepresents their compliance with CPD will be prosecuted.

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