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Property valuers 

Registration of NSW valuers ceased from 1 March 2016. This happened with the repeal of the Valuers Act 2003.

Reasons for the change

Ending registration for valuers follows the recommendation of the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal report - Reforming licensing in NSW. The change brings NSW in line with most other Australian states and territories. It also supports NSW Government initiatives to remove unnecessary business regulation, helping to lift productivity and drive down costs for businesses and consumers. 

Pro rata refund of valuer registration fees 

If you registered or renewed your valuer registration since 1 March 2014, you are entitled to a part refund of the fee you paid. If this applies to you:

  1. complete the Valuer registration fee pro rata refund form
  2. send it to the email or postal address indicated on the form so that we can organise your part refund.

For enquiries related to registration fee refunds, please call 02 9619 8700 or email

Legislative changes

There are various amendments to other NSW legislation that previously referred to a registered valuer. All amendments are listed in the Regulatory Reform and Other Legislative Repeals Act 2015, which can be accessed from the NSW Legislation website.