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Competency based qualifications 

The competency based training system forms the basis for the qualification requirements for the property industry sector in New South Wales. The units of competency for the various sectors of the property agency industry are contained in the Property Services Training Package (CPP07). The training package and units of competency are available through the website (

Units of competency form the keystone of the Australian vocational education and training system. A competency based training system is made up of units of competency, assessment guidelines and national qualifications packaged together to form a training package.

Competency is the application of knowledge and skill in order to achieve the performance standard required for some specified workplace activity. A unit of competency describes a discrete workplace activity.

Under a competency based model, education and training no longer need to be undertaken in the traditional classroom environment but may take the form of on-the-job learning and training assessed by qualified assessors or competency based courses. Recognition of prior learning also provides a pathway towards a qualification.

Only Registered Training Organisations can issue qualifications and statements of attainment that are recognised nationally. A Registered Training Organisation is a training provider that has satisfied national criteria for the provision of training services and has been registered by a state/territory training authority. In the case of New South Wales, the training authority in charge of registration is the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Registered Training Organisations are listed on the website.

Licence qualification requirements for the different licence categories are set out in the Property, Stock and Business Agents (Qualifications) Order 2009.

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