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    Recent scams

    A list of recent scam alerts issued by NSW Fair Trading.

    Business scams

    Web page on dealing with common business scams

    Avoiding scams

    Information about scams; what they are ,  who they target and how to avoid them.

    Report a scam or cybercrime

    Every year in Australia ,  many people are victims of scams or cybercrime and it is often difficult to identify and track down the scammers and criminals. If you have been scammed ,  think you may have been scammed ,  believe that someone is trying to scam you or have been the victim of cybercrime ,  take the time to report it. It might just help in the fight against scams

    Scam disruption project

    Information about an ACCC initiative ,  the Scam disruption project.

    Types of scams

    List of the types of scams that NSW Fair Trading is aware of.

    Lottery scams

    Information on overseas lottery scams ,  how they work and what action should be taken if one is received.

    Job and employment scams

    Information on job and employment scams ,  including work from home scams.

    Advance fee scams

    Information on overseas scams involving paying fees in advance

    Scam Buster app

    A preview of our Scam Buster app coming soon in November 2011.


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