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During a tenancy 

A guide for landlords

Once the tenancy agreement has been signed, your tenant has moved in and their tenancy is underway, you need to be aware of a range of procedures that must be followed during a tenancy.

Right of entry
Putting up the rent
Passing on water charges
Natural disasters
Non–payment of rent
Alteration requests from your tenant
Subletting requests from your tenant
Serving notice

Fact sheet quick access

All the information in this section, During a tenancy, has been compiled into one ready-to-print PDF document. To print or download information on any or all of the eight topics in this section, go to During a tenancy - information for landlords (in PDF format size: 671kb).

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All the pages in this section listed above can also be individually viewed or printed as fact sheets by clicking on the PDF icon located on each page.

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