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Contracts for owner-builders 

As an owner-builder, you will probably be entering into several contracts with different licensed tradespeople.

All tradespeople must hold a licence from NSW Fair Trading for the type of work they are to do (whether they are contracting directly with the owner or have subcontracted through the principal builder).

Note: It is an offence under the Home Building Act 1989 to knowingly contract to do any residential building work or specialist work without a contractor licence.

Go to our online Home building licence check and look up the contractor’s details or call NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20 and our customer service officers will help you.

It is the obligation of a licensee doing work for an owner-builder to provide a written contract for residential building work where:

i) the contract price exceeds $5,000

ii) if the cost of the labour and materials supplied by the contractor exceeds $5,000.

A written contract is required between the licensee and you, the owner-builder for building, renovation, addition or maintenance to any home (including garage and swimming pool).

For more information about residential building contracts, go to Fair Trading's Home building contracts page.

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