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Market Practice Guidelines 

From 2 May 2005 (and as amended on 1 May 2006), Market Practice Guidelines apply to home warranty insurance issued to owner-builders.

The Guidelines were developed after consultation with insurers and other stakeholders in the home building industry, to bring more transparency and accountability to the provision of Home Warranty Insurance.

Main features of the Guidelines include making the following information publicly available:

  • Insurers' general underwriting guidelines and examples of premiums to be charged. 
  • The standard forms owner-builders must complete and information owner-builders must provide, to help the insurer consider applications for insurance. 
  • The details of each insurer's service standards and the service standards of intermediaries. 
  • The contact details of each insurer and their complaints handling process so that owner-builders know how their concerns will be handled.

View or download the Market Practice Guidelines applying to the issue of home warranty insurance to owner-builders in PDF format (size: 38kb)

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