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Standard fact sheet.
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Owner-builder equivalent accreditation 

If you wish to apply for an owner-builder permit for building work valued over $20,000, you will need to meet additional approved education requirements. For many applicants, this will mean completing the approved units of competency. Other applicants may already possess suitable accreditation for an owner-builder permit.

The following accreditations meet the education requirements for an owner-builder in NSW:

  • Currently hold or have ever held any of the approved qualifications for a general building work licence or qualified supervisor certificate.
  • Currently hold or have ever held a NSW general building work contractor licence that is not limited in the scope of work.
  • Currently hold or have ever held a NSW trade class of building licence or certificate (for proposed work in that trade only).
  • Currently hold or have ever held a NSW qualified supervisor certificate in the category of general building work that is not limited in the scope of work.
  • Credentialled as an accredited building certifier.
  • Currently employed as a council building inspector/surveyor/consultant.

No exemptions

You must provide documentary evidence of one of the above equivalent accreditations when applying for an owner-builder permit. Please note that there is no further exemption from the requirement to undertake the approved units of competency in order to apply for an owner-builder permit.

For more information, as well as a list of registered training organisations that deliver the approved units of competency, refer to the Owner-builder approved education requirement page on the Fair Trading website.

IMPORTANT - It is an offence for the holder of an owner-builder permit to:
  • knowingly engage an unlicensed contractor
  • lend your permit to another person
  • refuse to disclose names and addresses of contractors working on the site.
The maximum penalty for each offence is $22,000.

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