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Guide to standards and tolerances 

The NSW Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2017 was produced by NSW Fair Trading.

The Guide is not a legal document and is not intended to replace the relevant provisions of the Building Code of Australia or Australian Standards. The Guide is intended to provide the reader with an understanding of the tolerances that a building professional will consider in determining whether a building element has been installed/constructed to an acceptable standard. The Guide should be regarded as an advisory resource rather than a series of prescriptive definitions.

The Guide helps home owners if building work is in dispute. It deals with such topics as shrinkage around timber window frames, door frames, nail popping in timber floors, paving through to footings and foundations.

The NSW Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2017 came into effect in March 2017.

Download the NSW Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2017 in PDF format (size: 1.9mb).

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